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I’m crying and laughing at the same time. Puppy in a cast.

With 15 seconds you can enjoy the view! #austin #atx

One of the most inspirational films I’ve seen in the past year - loved it! 

FIRST POSITION - Official Trailer (by IFCFilmsTube)

Austin, Texas through the lens of Rich Blocks, Poor Blocks - very cool visualization tool… via@mashable #atx #austin

File under: out-of-touch #market #researchers. Also see, when #marketing forgets how to be #human.

New addition to the home gym —- applies far beyond #fitness!

I get that this is the best Ashtanga app out there, but who approved this #art , much less the use of it as the #app icon!?

Kittehs love new bedding just like their humans. #cats #lolcats #mecanhazsheets

Yes. This is the cutest thing I’ve seen this year! #tennis #puppy cc: @usta

Let the planning begin! Thanks to @bonappetit for your support! #foodie #thanksgiving

Only. In. Austin. – View on Path.

Delicious Shishito Peppers after a record long work day. #foodie with TK at Swift’s Attic – View on Path.

If you haven’t been to Kome - you’re missing it. And even if you don’t like squid - try. It. Here.!!! with TK at Komé – View on Path.

Awww yeah - making my Grandma’s fideo con pollo. Path.

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