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Let the planning begin! Thanks to @bonappetit for your support! #foodie #thanksgiving

The Mobile App I <3 the Most Right Now….


Paprika - amazing recipe app for novice to expert cooks. Fav features include an in-app kitchen timer, super smart cross-recipe grocery list (groups ingredients and organizes by store department), and in-app browser that pulls  recipe components into a consistent format for ingredients, directions, tags, etc.

Best bar evah.

Guero’s Taco Bar, Austin, TX - order the Taco’s Al Pastor or the Steak taco’s.

Trying Kombucha for the first time - Budda’s Brew is brewed in Austin! Flavors in blueberry, Ginger, and others.

Tried Austin restaurant Corazon last night - great bisteca al carbon and gorgeous artwork including a series of paintings of Frida Kahlo. This was my favorite.

We just discovered the best pancake in Austin - Counter Cafe (yes, better than Kerbey Lane)

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